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Nice to Meet you!

Together, we will gain a deeper understanding of your own individual childcare needs, and your potential nanny's personality and caregiving skills, before you hire. This way, you can have more confidence in your selection and more harmony in your life.

I can't wait to help you!

Clinical Psychologist

Since 2009, I have been helping people understand themselves and others and achieve their full potential. With three advanced degrees in psychology, I have developed expertise in personality, mentalization, attachment theory and parental reflective functioning. am able to "decode" confusing relationship dynamics and predict how personality traits are likely to manifest in a person over time.


These skills make me uniquely qualified to help you identify "red flags" in your candidates - things that may turn your cheerful new nanny or au pair into a passive aggressive shrew, leaving you wondering what went wrong. 

I also apply my clinical skills to support you during and after the selection process. As parents, we naturally feel dependent on our nannies and are often afraid to "rock the boat." So when frustrations and concerns arise, it can be difficult to figure out who's right, and what to do about it. In these instances, I am there to provide objectivity and understanding, so you feel the right amount of support and guidance.

Licensed Attorney

While practicing law for 13 years, I developed an appreciation for clarity, precision and candor. I use these skills to distill confusing and conflicting information into straightforward concepts, and communicate them to you plainly and concisely.


When you are overwhelmed or uncertain, I will help you distinguish the forest for the trees by offering sound judgment and actionable advice.



In 2015, I conceived of a personality assessment for nannies and au pairs, and began exploring the topic, but found no studies on quality individual childcare. So I embarked on years of research, analysis and training with some of the brightest minds throughout the United States and Europe.


The result has been a merging of cutting edge data and theory from clinical psychology, child development, attachment, and personality testing into this proprietary assessment that will make your selection easier and more reliable. 

Au Pair Host

I hosted at least 16 au pairs during my son's childhood. I was shocked to find that even after years of choosing au pairs, I was still unpleasantly surprised by many of them. I didn't understand - How could this happen? 


The au pair agency explained that I just had to accept the fact that there were countless things I'd never know about my new au pair until she had spent months in my home. I found this approach - hiring first and then hoping for the best - to be frustrating and worrisome. There had to be a better way of vetting these people, but none existed. Until now!

au pair host.png


As a parent, I understand the pressure to do everything and be everybody for your children. But, I found that I was at my best as a mother when I was getting the help and support I needed.


Delegating appropriate tasks to my au pairs played a huge role in creating the peaceful, nurturing environment I wanted for my son (and myself!). With the right help, I felt less stressed and more patient. I became a happier - and better - parent. 

You too can experience more peace, joy and connection in your family with the support of a great nanny or au pair!


You could actually have fun learning about your nanny candidates. It's so much better when you're not anticipating the worst!

 - Dr Agree


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