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Once you narrow down your search to one or more candidates, we'll use our assessment system to help you identify the best choice.

The process is two-fold:

  •   First, we get to know you with our Parent Survey

  •   Next, we assess your candidate(s) with our         Caregiver Assessment


Parent SurveY

We talk to you first to make sure we both know what you're looking for. 


The better you know yourself, the more likely you are to choose a caregiver who compliments your personality and meets your needs. This is especially important with live-in situations, where incompatibilities can lead to irreconcilable indifferences and a failed relationship.

Through our confidential parent survey process, you'll learn important, yet often overlooked details about yourself, such as:

  • Unarticulated expectations of a caregiver

  • Managerial and communication styles

  • Needs specific to your family

  • Personality features that are likely to impact the relationship


1. After we meet and discuss your needs, and you complete the online portion of the Parent Survey, you will receive written results containing: 

  • Summary of your specific wants, needs, deal-killers, etc. 

  • Various dimensions of your personality relevant to relating to caregivers

  • Ideas regarding compatibility with a caregiver

2. You may also schedule a 45-minute meeting to discuss the results and clarify open issues

The Parent Survey is only conducted one time, as the information can be used in the analysis of fit with any additional or future candidates.

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Caregiver assessment

We evaluate personality and caregiving traits that are otherwise undetectable 


We assess critical aspects of your candidate's personality and caregiving abilities to help answer vital questions like:

  • Is she likely to approach your child with sensitivity, warmth and curiosity?

  • Does she tend to take responsibility for her own behaviors and feelings?

  • Are her levels of organization, assertiveness, activity (and others) likely to meet your needs?

We also analyze how well your candidate meets:

  • Your specific expectations

  • Your child's psychological needs

  • The demands of your family's lifestyle


1. Written feedback with our analysis containing:

  • Important aspects of her personality, positive caregiving qualities, and relevant strengths

  • Weaknesses and potential concerns

  • Possible compatibility issues between you and your candidate

  • Other thoughts and discussion points that have arisen during our analysis that may aid your decision-making process

2. A 45-minute meeting (virtual or in-person) to discuss the results and answer your questions 

We are committed to your satisfaction. If additional data or analysis is required for you to make an informed decision, we will do the work at no additional cost. 

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our assessment



Our assessment is different (and better) than any other caregiver assessment:

  • We use multiple tests

  • We meet with your candidate face-to-face (virtually)

  • We evaluate traits specific to caregiving

  • We assess semi-conscious and unconscious processes 

Assessing semi-conscious processes sheds light on critical personality traits such as:

  • Conscientiousness 

  • Organization

  • Sense of morality

  • Level of sociability

  • Proneness to risk-taking

  • Imagination and playfulness

  • Motivation

Unconscious mental processes deeply impact how your candidate will:

  • Manage her emotions 

  • Relate to your children

  • Handle conflict

  • Communicate with you


Many of these characteristics are outside of your candidate's own awareness. They must be assessed indirectly and cannot be identified through online tests or interviews, and they'rintegral to the quality of her care.

This is a complex task. It requires an elaborate assessment process and provides you with a plethora of useful information - not a numerical score.



Click HERE for more details about how our assessment is different.

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Through this process we knew a ton of information about our new nanny before we hired her, which made the transition so much easier."

- Happy Mom

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