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Why Assess?

  • You'll have exponentially more information about your candidate, taking the mystery and anxiety out of your decision. 

  • You'll get answers to questions you didn't even know you had (because you don't know what you don't know)!

  • You'll have more confidence in the person you hire, and in your own ability to identify quality caregiving. 


Proper assessment is crucial

Here's Why:


Because the process you're using is inadequate

  • Right now, you're forced to rely on interviews, which notoriously lead to bad hiring decisions in every field. All candidates naturally try to curate a favorable impression - they smile, act positively and tell you what they think you want to hear. This is particularly easy in the caregiving business.

  • You're biased because you want to get this over with as quickly as possible! Hence, you're inclined to give a sweet girl the benefit of the doubt, and hire her without sufficient scrutiny.

  • Even if your candidate were completely honest, she can't tell you what she doesn't know about herself, and it's these unconscious qualities that are most important (e.g.: What "triggers" her, and why).

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Because your nanny can impact your child's attachment security

The fundamental goal of parenting is to raise a securely attached child. Secure attachment is correlated with all of the good things you wish your child to have:

  • Good behavior

  • High self-esteem

  • Positive relationships

  • Success at school and work

  • Emotional resilience

  • Physical health


Raising securely attached children requires that those who spend significant time with them, particularly in the early years, provide predictable, consistent, sensitive care.​


This includes: 

  • Taking a genuine interest in the child as a unique individual with his/her own thoughts and feelings

  • Empathizing with the child's subjective experience

  • Easily tolerating anger, fear, sadness and confusion in herself and the child

  • Maintaining a sense of curiosity about the "why" underlying the child's behavior, rather than the right or wrong-ness of the behaviors themselves

The more time your nanny spends with your child, the more important it is that she display these qualities.


Because you don't know enough about your hire

Most nannies and au pairs, although nice, DO NOT exhibit the above characteristics. And, you can't predict the extent to which a candidate embodies these traits without assessing for them.

Even after you hire, if you aren't trained in this area, it is difficult to discern whether your nanny is exhibiting these important qualities with your child.

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Doing it?

Great Parents

Great parents want to give their children the very best of themselves. They honor their own true needs and limitations.

They also surround their children with adults who are emotionally mature, sensitive and trustworthy, because these people contribute to their children's well-being and attachment security.


Raising well-adjusted, resilient, loving children is a serious task.

Don't leave it to chance!

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