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The Process

We think it's nice to know exactly what you're getting, so we've prepared this nifty flow chart to make the whole process clear.


Here's How it



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You (before hiring us)

First, book a free consult to discuss your situation and get answers to your questions. Next, you choose the package that best meets your needs. When you purchase Support Services you can start using them any time (even right now!).



Then you'll receive a questionnaire online to complete at your convenience. We use this to increase our understanding of your personality and identify features that may impact your expectations and opinions of a given candidate.



After you've narrowed down your search to the candidate(s) you wish to have assessed (perhaps with the help of our Support), we'll conduct the Caregiver Assessment(s).  We do these assessments via Zoom and it only takes about 75 minutes per candidate.

Caregiver assessment


Don't worry! We know how hard these relationships are. We won't abandon you once you've hired your new nanny/au pair. You can still call on us for Support whenever you need it!

Post-hiring support








This is where we spend 45 minutes getting to know you, your childcare needs, goals, previous experiences and unique circumstances. We use this to help us identify candidates who are more likely to meet your specific needs. 



Once we analyze the information we have gathered from our Initial Meeting and the Parent Survey, we provide you with a written summary and meet with you to ensure our impressions are accurate and that we are all on the same page.
**Please Note: Steps 1-4 are only done once. Steps 5 and 6 are repeated for each additional candidate.

PARENT feedback session



Assessment feedback session

After the Caregiver Assessment is complete, we'll analyze the results, provide you with written feedback and schedule a 45-minute feedback session for each candidate so we can talk about the results and help you reach a decision you'll be happy with.

Assess Your Nanny (1500 × 1500 px) (1).png

You with a great nanny and all the support you need!


Image by Nathan Dumlao

After our initial meeting everything was really easy. It was SO nice not having to do this alone!

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