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Support Services

You'll feel confident and secure with us by your side for advice, guidance and support whenever you need us, at every stage - from the moment you consider a nanny until the relationship ends.


We Support you

Every Step of The Way

Count on our unwavering support, available at every stage of your nanny hiring experience. From initial considerations to the eventual transitions, we're here to provide expert advice, guidance, and dependable support, ensuring your confidence and peace of mind.


You Hire


Do you wish you had an expert to rely on for sage advice and opinions during your search? Or someone to take over the parts of it you just don't want to deal with?

You can count on us to help you with anything related to your selection process such as:

  • Selecting an agency

  • Reviewing applications

  • Narrowing down candidates


You hire


Our relationship need not end once you've hired your nanny/au pair. We're here to help you navigate the complex and difficult relationship between you and your caregiver whenever you have a problem or concern.

You won't have to worry because when issues arise, you can rest assured knowing you have an unbiased, compassionate expert just a phone call away!

lighten your load &
Ease your mind

From Start  to Finish.

Image by Jonathan Borba

“Sometimes, you just don't want to deal with this s***."

- Dr. Agree

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