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From the moment you consider a nanny until your last one leaves, we've got you covered!

We'll apply our ground-breaking scientific assessment to help you select the right candidate, and

give you the expert guidance you need every step of the way.


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lower Your 

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Get a better nanny

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Feel more confident



Get a
nanny with less work

We can make your entire childcare experience easier by:

  • Helping you choose the right agency

  • Handling the parts you don't want to deal with

  • Conducting our comprehensive assessment on your candidates 

  • Providing advice and support from a real professional whenever you need it



years as a licensed psychologist



years researching quality childcare

years hosting au pairs from around the world



years as a licensed attorney

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Choosing and hiring childcare can be overwhelming, time-consuming and demanding. So we take the burden off of you at every stage of the process. 


Whether you're a seasoned veteran, or just thinking about it for the first time, our support can help you:


  • Decide on the right type of childcare 

  • Determine where to get it  

  • Review applications

  • Conduct thorough interviews

  • Draft guidelines for your new hire

  • Manage difficult situations during the relationship

. . . and everything else in between.

You have an expert at your side so you don't have to bear the burden on your own.


Our assessment process is the only one of its kind.


We spend 90 minutes with your candidate face-to-face, evaluating critical aspects of her personality and caregiving qualities others don't even know to look for.   

But first, we learn about you ~ Your personality, preferences, and family, AND your preconceived notions. Everyone holds assumptions about how their nanny should behave. These often go unspoken, even unrecognized... until your nanny disappoints you.


We use our expertise in psychology to help you articulate your assumptions early on, so you can identify candidates with a deeper level of compatibility.


Angela W.

“Dr. Agree is truly an expert in the field. I've done a lot of research and there is nothing out there even close to her assessment. And she's so patient. I highly recommend her!"

I believe CHOOSING  Great CHILDCARE shouldn't be

Here's how
it works:

     1. Schedule a free consult
     2. Choose your plan

     3. Relax while we do the heavy lifting!

In the meantime, download my free guide to learn 

10 Vital Things Parents Overlook When Selecting a Nanny


I will personally conduct my assessment with you and your candidate(s), and give you the expert advice you need throughout your journey.

With my help, you can feel better than ever about hiring a nanny! She'll be vetted more thoroughly, with less work, and you won't be drained and miserable in the process.

Why Do So many
Nanny Relationships Fail?


Lacking information about her

Even with references and interviews you're still limited to:

• Her own description of herself​ • Third-party references written by strangers • Descriptions of her by agency interviewers who lack first-hand knowledge about her caregiving • That "gut feeling" you get that you can't fully explain With ​so little reliable information it's impossible to gauge whether a candidate has the maturity, skills and personality to take good care of your child and be responsive to you.


Settling for a nanny who seems "nice"

A nice girl may seem pleasant to be around, but:

• She may be unable to develop meaningful connections, leaving your child emotionally alone and confused in her presence. • She may be incapable of interpreting your child's difficult behaviors, causing power struggles that leave everyone feeling helpless and upset. • She may have repressed anger that no one knows of until it leaks out in undesirable and passive-aggressive ways.​ A nice girl who's also a good nanny provides appropriate empathy, warmth and support to your child - especially during challenging moments. ​



A successful nanny is not only a good child caregiver, but is also someone who naturally adapts to your family.​​

• Assumptions and expectations about how things should be done is different for everyone. Every family has a "culture."  • Knowing the culture of your family requires a clear view of your own personality, communication styles and unexamined standards. • Without this knowledge about yourself and your family, what initially seems like a good fit with a nanny may devolve into frustration and acrimony as conflicts arise.

These issues are relevant to your nanny selection no matter your child's age, and they are not obvious.

But we


what to

Look for

Our assessment helps predict whether your candidate has the psychological skill and personality required for positive caregiving, and compatibility with you. 


to you


You'll notice the difference

We conduct an extensive combination of specialized tests that measure both conscious and unconscious aspects of personality, including qualities specific to good childcare. ​Then, we analyze the information collected from you and your candidate(s) to provide you with valuable feedback.

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What a great process! I actually didn't know what we should be looking for in a nanny before this."

Mark S.

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