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Choosing the


Shouldn't be Stressful.


Free yourself from the anxiety & frustration of the nanny/au pair selection process with our scientific assessment & personal support.

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Reduce Your stress

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Get a better nanny

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Feel more confident



tired of:

Lacking confidence in your choice?

Being disappointed by nannies & au pairs?

Worrying about how your nanny will treat your kids?

Wishing you didn't have to deal with any of it?

You don't have to feel
this way...we can help!



Get a
nanny with less work

Our unique nanny assessment process takes the stress out of finding a great nanny/au pair. We'll identify the candidates with the childcare skills and personality you're looking for to make hiring the right person faster and easier. 

I could finally breathe a sigh of relief - this is exactly what I needed!

We learn about you

First we learn about your expectations, needs, personality and family to help identify nannies who will are most compatible with you. Then we assess vital aspects of your candidates' personality and caregiving abilities to help determine things like:


  • Is she likely to approach your child with sensitivity, warmth and curiosity?

  • Does she tend to take responsibility for her own behaviors and feelings?

  • Are her levels of organization, conscientiousness, sociability, activity (among others) likely to meet your expectations?

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We Support you

Employing a nanny/au pair is a demanding and (sometimes unpleasant) process. So we support you before and after you hire with things like:


  • Helping you select your nanny/au pair agency

  • Reviewing and narrowing down your candidate applications

  • Advising and assisting you when difficult situations arise with your nanny/au pair

You have a trusted partner at every stage of the process so you don't have to bear the burden on your own.

I'Ve Been In



I know how stressful it is to deal with the inconvenience and anxiety of searching for the right nanny/au pair. I was an au pair host mom for 14 years and I always felt like I was relying more on hope than real information.​

I was told I wouldn't know very much about her until she had spent months in my home. I found this approach frustrating and worrisome.

There had to be a better way of vetting these people, but none existed - Until now! 

Happy Mother with her Child

Together, we'll apply my one-of-a-kind, scientifically-developed assessment system to make your nanny selection:

less stressful

Don't put your peace of mind off any longer!





years as a licensed psychologist



years researching quality childcare

years hosting au pairs from around the world



years as a licensed attorney

Having someone knowledgeable to help with the search process was such a relief! I was skeptical at first but it was worth every penny!

- Happy Mom




Stop wondering! Book your free consult.

  • Or use our Contact page

  • See if our Assessment Process and Support Services are right for you (and if so, we can get started right away!)


See the light at the end of the tunnel!

  • Choose your plan and be on your way to finding a great nanny!

  • Do as much or as little of the process as you'd like - you decide.


Breathe - We've got this!

  • Start getting the hep you need immediately

  • Feel confident and secure with our comprehensive, proprietary Assessment Process

your stress



Steps to

Relaxing Outdoor_edited.jpg

To be


We help you be the parent you

At Center for Nanny Assessment, we know you want to be the kind of parent who navigates life with ease and confidence. But for that to happen you need a household that runs like a well-orchestrated symphony.

The problem is, the methods you’ve been using to find the right nanny aren’t working. They're too time-consuming and demanding and they don’t provide reliable results. You can spend countless hours of your valuable time and end up with someone who lacks the personality or caregiving skills you’re looking for. Trying to manage all of this - along with the rest of your life - can feel impossible and makes you stressed-out and frustrated.

I believe parents should


Have to dread the nanny selection process.

Here's how it works:

     1. Schedule a free consult
     2. Choose your plan
     3. Relax while we do the heavy lifting!

So book a free consult today!

And in the meantime, download our free guide to learn 

10 Vital Things Parents Overlook When Selecting a Nanny.

I've been there! I know how inconvenient and overwhelming it can be to sift through profiles, interview applicants and worry about what you’re missing. 
As a single mom trying to balance parenting with work, 

I hosted 16 au pairs and found that no matter how much experience I had, I was still often unpleasantly surprised. So I committed myself to finding a way to make nanny selection easier, less stressful and more reliable.
After 10 years of researching personality traits required for quality childcare I developed a comprehensive assessment system that will help you identify the sensitive, mature and dependable nanny you desire without the stress and anxiety of a grueling search process. 

You don't have to dread the nanny selection process!

Instead, you can feel better than ever about hiring a nanny! She’ll be vetted more thoroughly, with less work, and you’ll finally achieve the stability and peace of mind you’ve been looking for. 

Why Do So many
Nanny Relationships Fail?


hiring your new nanny!



Better than Ever

She'll be vetted more thoroughly, in less time, and you won't be drained and miserable in the process.


Lacking information about her

Even with references and interviews you're still limited to:

• Her own description of herself​ • Third-party references written by strangers • Descriptions of her by agency interviewers who lack first-hand knowledge about her caregiving • That "gut feeling" you get that you can't fully explain With ​so little reliable information it's impossible to gauge whether a candidate has the maturity, skills and personality to take good care of your child and be responsive to you.


Settling for a nanny who seems "nice"

A nice girl may seem pleasant to be around, but:

• She may be unable to develop meaningful connections, leaving your child emotionally alone and confused in her presence. • She may be incapable of interpreting your child's difficult behaviors, causing power struggles that leave everyone feeling helpless and upset. • She may have repressed anger that no one knows of until it leaks out in undesirable and passive-aggressive ways.​ A nice girl who's also a good nanny provides appropriate empathy, warmth and support to your child - especially during challenging moments. ​



A successful nanny is not only a good child caregiver, but is also someone who naturally adapts to your family.​​

• Assumptions and expectations about how things should be done is different for everyone. Every family has a "culture."  • Knowing the culture of your family requires a clear view of your own personality, communication styles and unexamined standards. • Without this knowledge about yourself and your family, what initially seems like a good fit with a nanny may devolve into frustration and acrimony as conflicts arise.

These issues are relevant to your nanny selection no matter your child's age, and they are not obvious.

Look for.

But we


what to

Our proprietary assessment process helps predict whether your candidate is likely to exhibit the psychological skills and personality features that manifest in positive caregiving and compatibility with your family.


to you


You'll notice the difference

We conduct an extensive combination of specialized tests that measure both conscious and unconscious aspects of personality, including qualities specific to good childcare. ​Then, we analyze the information collected from you and your candidate(s) to provide you with valuable feedback.

Happy Little Girl

Finally, the

Peace of Mind


A well-chosen nanny can provide the peace of mind you crave, with a smooth-running household that makes parenting look and feel easy.

Stop feeling overwhelmed by the anxiety and stress of finding the right nanny/au pair on your own - let us make your life easier!

Kids Play

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(or just shortly after)!

Free Checklist!  

10 Vital Things Parents Overlook During the Nanny/Au Pair Selection Process

Download our free checklist of items you need to incorporate to help you avoid making a choice you'll regret.It's short, sweet and easily printable!

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the research says . . .

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